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A dog named Chilli: My New Home Reviews:


" I'm so proud of this fellow St. Louisian! Mark has told a terrific story! I truly Loved this book! The characters and the lessons that are brought out in the book were very well done! Young and older readers alike will be able to relate to the situations that Chilli and his friends find themselves in! I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to read the next books in the series! "

~ Joe Edwards

Book Trib Review

Chartrand’s imaginative setting for A Dog Named Chilli is a tight-knit neighborhood full of bickering animal residents, where every dog knows every dog. In the middle of it all is Chilli, a dog who has a talent for making friends with nearly anyone or anything. Along with forging deep connections with his fellow canines, he also befriends local wildlife like rabbits, crows, raccoons and even rats! 

This isn’t simply a spoof on the small-town drama that can happen between human neighbors, however; Chartrand’s story utilizes this dynamic to help teach important lessons to young readers. Social circles are complicated for both humans and dogs, and as children age, these groups only become more intricate. From birthday party invites to fighting within friend groups to bullying, children need to learn how to navigate some difficult dynamics.

That’s why Chilli and his friends are here to help. At 195 pages, A Dog Named Chilli is definitely for stronger readers (9 to 12 years old), but the lessons in the book are vital to that age group. By following Chilli’s lead, children can absorb the lessons of kindness and open-mindedness that will help them navigate conflicts in their own personal lives. Chilli’s powerful spirit of comradery helps break down the barriers that have driven this neighborhood apart, and instead helps start a new wave of understanding between the different animals. Chilli’s kind nature drives home the point of the story — that if you keep an open mind, you may find a truly special friendship where you least expected it.

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